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I’m Yehuda, a creative soul. Trained as a graphic designer I was an art director for some of London’s top Ad Agencies.

However, seeking a more meaningful existence, I left my high-flying career and ended up studying in Jerusalem. After 5 years I pursued a career in education, where I have happily worked for over 20 years.

My wife Ruth had an even greater journey. She left her home in the Caribbean and came to London as a singer songwriter. A light in her soul was ignited and she took the long and sometimes challenging road to a more spiritual and religious path. She now teaches voice training, violin and guitar in schools and privately, bringing much happiness to people of every age and background.

In a world in which a lack of meaning and depression are on the increase we want to add our own bit of positivity into people’s lives, through art, music and the written word.

Here is a selection of our uplifting art with positive and encouraging quotes. Ruth has also written poems that re-enforce the sentiment of the images. 

You will find an example below.


All the pictures will be available to buy, both framed and unframed. However, so we can make a more informed decision when ordering stock, we would truly appreciate it if you would take part in our survey, sharing your feedback and ideas with us. Please answer the questions under the pictures and submit your choices.

As a token of our appreciation there is a chance to win a £100 Amazon voucher. Details are at the end of the survey.


Thank you so very much, 

Yehuda and Ruth.

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